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Daily Manna, Tarot Monday

Tarot: Thank you, thank you to everyone who dropped by for a reading. It has been a wonderfully WONDERFULLY productive day for me, and I hope you all got something from it too. Special thanks to my pimpers; ysabetwordsmith , cassandramorgan , ellenmillion , miintikwa , and new friend nimitzbrood , and anyone else who sent people along that I either didn't realize or wasn't aware. Your generous help in spreading the word was very kind, and I thank you sincerely for your warmth in doing so. We got over 50 readings done, I'd started to count but then lost track (laughs); it was either 53 or 56, which I think is excellent! December's One-Card Draw will be on Wednesday, 16 December. Don't worry, I'll nag you thoroughly prior to hosting! Thanks again everyone, for your faith in the work I'm doing. I am going to bed tonight feeling very blessed indeed.
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