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Daily Manna The Sun's Day

Empowered Word: Amuse. (Although I am NOT amused. Not in the slightest.) A, as in one, but not any particular one, in a group or class, such as a dog, a house, a frustration; muse, as in any goddess presiding over a particular art. 

When I awoke this morning I was inspired. My muses had definitely visited me while I slept. I had a dream that my favorite duo (Show of Hands) were performing a song, and I could remember the song. I remembered the start, the rhythm, the melody, everything. I made quick notes so that I could start to actually compose this. And this is big, because I've not written anything, nor have I really played my guitar much since my Medicine Elder died over five years ago. However, now, when I try to recall what was there, all I get is something that sounds like a bad cross between Kelly Clarkson and Harry Nilsson. Frustrated much?

I also dreamed a great story. I remember awakening at 7:38 and making a few scribbles. This was a crossover story from soap opera type relationships into metaphysical situations. I remember thinking that it had substance, it had plot, it had great characters, and it wouldn't be cheesy like Dark Shadows (don't get me wrong, cheesy is exactly why I love Dark Shadows -- that,and for the time period it was way ahead of its time). But can I make head or tail (tale!) of the notes I scrawled? Can I hellaslike.

And I'm doubly frustrated because I teach people how to recall their dreams and work with them! "'Physician, heal thyself," comes way too easily to mind...

Knitting: I'm alternating between hats I have to make and gift bags I want to make. The gift bags are taking on a life of their own. I wonder how to submit the patterns for consideration to places like Annie's Attic, American school of Needlework, or Leisure Arts? I knew how to do all of this in the United Kingdom, but as I very quickly discovered when trying to break into the American market, it's a whole different ballgame. I sold my work very easily in the UK. I've yet to score over here, in any genre (although I did have a piece published in The Blessed Bee, in their very last issue. Kiss of death?).

Weather: Dull Autumn day, but still quite warm. No laundry hanging out.

Cooking, Making, and Baking: I haven't quite decided yet, but you can bet it will be comfort food!

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